Ba'Ghetto Meat



Jewish style artichoke
Roman style artichoke
Endive and anchovies pie
“Concia” of zucchini
Dried salted meat with rocket
Mixed Kosher cold cuts
Beef carpaccio
with artichokes marinated in citrus sauce
Dips’ mixed
Humus/chickpeas, Tahini/sesame, Babaganoush/eggplant
Falafel with Tabulè salad
fried chickpeas’ rissole
fried filo dough filled with meat, 2 pcs
Flaky Yemenite bread*
with pureed chili tomatoes
Burik all’uovo
sfoglia di pasta ripiena con uovo
fried puff-pastry with eggs or potatoes

First courses

Ravioloni filled with grouper and zucchini in tomato sauce
Fettuccine Puttanesca
with tomato, anchovies, capers, black olives, chilli pepper and parsley
Tonnarelli with artichokes and mullet roe
Tagliatelle in stewed meat sauce
Bucatini Amatriciana style
tomatoe sauce, onion and dried meat
Tonnarelli alla Carbonara tartufati
carne secca
Spaghetti Carbonara style
egg’s sauce with dried salted meat
Agnolotti with Bolognaise sauce
Dumplings with arugula, tomatoes Pachino and pine nuts
Mezzemaniche with wild mushrooms and sausage
Rice with zucchini flowers and saffron
Rice with mixed sea food Koshers
with chickpeas, meat and vegetables
Couscous with meat and Middle East vegetables
meat and Middle East vegetables
Couscous Mafrum
with meatballs and potatoes
Couscous with grouper cooked in spicy sauce
Cold couscous with vegetables
Couscous with vegetables mixed
vegetables mixed
Soup of the day

Main courses

Salmon steak with balsamic vinegar
Sea bream or sea bass (grilled)
Turbot fillet with potatoes
Chicken escalope with lemon or orange sauce
Cod fish* with arthichokes
Ba’Ghetto style goulasch
Chicken schnitzel (Milanese style) with french fries
Baked lamb with potatoes
Breaded spring lamb with arugula
Straccetti (beef rags) with arthichokes and pine nuts
Sheep entrails (ancient dish) with artichokes
Fried brain with artichokes
Lamb interiors with artichokes
Graffi Jewish style
lamb cheeks with tomato sauc
Cow’s tail with tomato sauce

Fried dishes

Mixed fried for 2 persons
courgette flowers, vegetables fried, stockfish
Mixed fried vegetables
Zucchini flowers with grouper
Fried stockfish fillet


Tutte le pietanze vengono servite con contorno
Mix of grilled meat for 2 persons
Middle eastern mixed grilled meat with tabulè for 2 persons
Shawarma (dressing veal) and french fries*
dressing veal
Kebab (skewer with small pieces of meat with vegetables) with Tahini dip
skewer with small pieces of meat with vegetables
Chicken on a skewer and french fries*
Grilled chicken breast and french fries*
Sliced chicken, arugula and cherry tomatoes
Loin of veal
Florentine steak (charged for weight, minimun 500gr)
Lamb chops served hot from the grill
Entrecote fillet Ba’Ghetto style with dried beef and truffle
Sliced steak with arugula and tomato Pachino
Sliced steak with artichokes
Sliced steak with 4 peppers
Sliced steak with artichokes
Grilled fillet
Hamburger (300gr.), salad or french fries

Side dishes

French fries*
Chicory with fish eggs scales
Chicory fried or boiled
Spinach with raisins and pine nuts
Artichokes cruditè with rocket salad
Tabulè salad
semola, onion, tomatoes, parsley, lettuce salad and cucumbers
Israeli salad
tomatoes, carrots, green salad, rocket salad and cucumbers


Homemade Tiramisù (cream, coffee and cookies)
Grandpa’s cake
with chocolate cream
Mousse of pistachio
Mousse of chocolate
Sour cherry tart
puff pastry, raisins, almonds and honey
fhillo pastry, pistachio nuts, almonds and honey
homemade cookies
Dessert of the day


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