The biggest Kosher Restaurants in Roma

Baghetto is the oldest Jewish restaurant in Rome, emblem of the traditional Jewish food in the heart of the capital city.

Kosher specialties, delicacies of the Roman cuisine and Middle Eastern dishes are cooked in three different locations of Baghetto: two restaurants in Via del Portico d'Ottavia and one in Via Livorno. Added to these there is also the modern Sughetto, a young restaurant where you can taste international breakfasts, lunches, dinners and fine cocktails. An innovative and contemporary cuisine in the kosher catering without milk.

History of Baghetto, well-known kosher restaurant in Rome, has its roots in the Eighties, when mom and dad Dabush opened their first restaurant in Via Livorno 10. Their passion for Jewish-Roman cuisine has been passed then to the four sons Avi, Ilan, Eran and Amit, who followed their parents' footsteps with the opening of two more branches of Ba'Ghetto, this time right in the heart of the Jewish district of Rome. The thing that has always marked the renowned cuisine of Baghetto is the fusion of a lot of winning elements: the Judeo-Roman culinary arts, a serious attention to kosher food, the search for healthy ingredients, the flavors and recipes borrowed from Middle Eastern tradition.

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