Ba’Ghetto Milky Rome


Ba’Ghetto Milky is a kosher milky restaurant which is situated in via del Portico d’Ottavia 2/a. Here you can find the best of the kosher cuisine in the halavì version, which includes dishes prepared with milk, cheese,pizza and fish but no animal derived product or meat.

The location

Ba’Ghetto Milky is found in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto in Rome, a few miles from the historical one situated at number 57 of via del Portico d’Ottavia. The restaurant offers an opportunity to taste and enjoy its meals outdoor immersing yourself in the splendid atmosphere of the area, pleasing yourself with a breathtaking view of the monument erected by Emperor Augustus in honor of his sister: the famous Portico d’Ottavia.

This building once marked the boundary of which the jews could not go beyond during the nights, but has a rich story of significance, giving the fact that it was used for the “cottio” until the last century. This was the market for fish auctioning involving the whole Roman population.

The cuisine

Dishes served in the restaurant are prepared according to the kashrut rules, and all products are supervised according to the principles of the Torah. In this restaurant we do not serve meat, not crustaceans or invertebrates.


Our wine list is the result of our endless research for new kasher wines from the territory and abroad. We focused on the big vineyards and also on the small producers who guaranteed on the details the quality of the products and the steps of the Kasherut.

We have an extensive selection of Kosher wines by the glass on a period rotation and over than 100 references between Italy, Israel and over the world Mevushal & No Mevushal.

Our team can’t wait to suggest you a great kosher wine and let you spend an unforgettable experience in Ba’Ghetto.

Ba’Ghetto Milky Rome

Via del Portico d'Ottavia 2/A - Rome

+39 06 68300077

Monday/Friday and Sunday

Open from 12pm to 11pm


Open from 7pm to 11pm


Nice milky kosher restaurant

A good milk kosher restaurant in the heart of the ghetto. We greatly enjoyed a quick lunch of pizza and home made pasta.



Tasty, good service ,traditional food ,not heavy, fresh products, just prizes, outer for tourist inner room for family we feel this was superb.


Delicious kosher pizza in Rome

We ordered margarita pizzas on 3 occasions. They were fresh and tasty with thin crust and delicious. There is outdoor seating covered with awnings. Superb.