Ba Ghetto Milky was founded in 2010 in Via del Portico d’Ottavia 2 / a.

In this modern restaurant you can find the best of the kosher food and Judeo-Roman cuisine in the dairy free version: you can taste delicious pizzas, dishes based on fish, milk and cheese, but no meat or dairy products.

All the dishes are cooked following Kasherut rules. Cheese, fish and all the products are also controlled in accordance with the principles of the Torah.



In this restaurant you can taste delicious pizzas, dishes based on fish, milk and cheese, but no meat or dairy products.

Products marked with an asterisk (*) are intended as frozen.

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Come to Ba Ghetto, we have 5 restaurants in Rome historic center, 1 in Milan and 1 in Florence


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Adult €40.00 - Children €30.00

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Reviews of our customers

Very tasty Scaloppa alla Milanese

Renato is an excellent waiter. Caring for all our needs and funny too.
Food is very tasty and I strongly suggest to you all!

Dafnat. N
Still dreaming of this food

We spent two weeks in Italy and ate at countless kosher restaurants- this one was our favorite by far. Amazing service and incredible food!

Tamara M.
Excellent restaurant and delicious food

I would highly recommend this restaurant. There is great food and great service. We ordered a variety of foods and everything was great!

Zoshka P.
Best restaurant
Very good!! Good food, high quality, Good waiters service, Manager speak Hebrew and give very kind service. Very recommended.
Paul F.
Great food. Excellent service

Great food. Excellent service. We did the cooking class as a family with Octavius. Super nice guy. Tons of time and attention. We are novice chefs and we picked up good tips/recipes. The food is delicious. Definitely worth the stop for the restaurant or the class.

Tom P.

We ate 2 times at SuGhetto during November 2019 and enjoyed it very much.
The food and the atmosphere were absolutely great and the service was superb.
Best Kosher restaurant in Rome!

Ashley M.
Incredible experience- private cooking class and amazing dinner!!!!

Highly recommend taking a cooking class at Su Ghetto! One of the highlights of our trip!!! We made 4 courses and lost count of how many courses we ate during the evening. While the gnocchi was rising, we went for an evening stroll around Rome. Such a unique experience!!

Levyoni C.

Great food. Service was excellent. Highly recommend the meatballs and artichoke soufflé with leek and truffle fondue.

Jzelefsk M.
A good lunch

The welcome was warm and the food delicious. Between us we had the artichoke, falafels, pasta and couscous, all of which were fresh and tasty. Menu was for 2 courses plus bread, coffee and a drink. We paid extra for the sour cherry tart which was delicious. We weren’t expecting a lot but this was probably the best meal we had in Rome.

Anthony A.
Perfect hosting, great food, reasonable pricing

We we’re at Rome for 5 days and we were eating only at Ba ghetto! We felt in home, very comfortable. Food was great, we’ve always got some extra dishes Highly recommended!

Nir B.
Great food and service

Delicious food (try the fried artichoke with some hummus!) and great, friendly service from the staff.

Tom P.
Delicious carciofi and pasta!

We visited Ba Ghetto Milky 5 years ago and loved it so much that it was a must-return for us when we came back to Rome. It did not disappoint. The fried artichokes and the raw artichoke salad were absolutely delicious. And the cacio e pepe was the best we had in Rome.

Lucy C.

Great food, really unique things that I have never seen before. Portions were very big – order less than you normally would.

Josh L.

The waiters were so friendly and the food was great. We had the caprese salad, Jewish artichoke, salmon carbonara, the truffle ravioli, and the tiramisu, all delicious. I highly recommend coming here for dinner.

Sarah V.
A great milk restaurant

The portions were enormous and beautifully cooked with a great choice of dishes.
If you are looking for a milky meal this is the place to go!

Jack M.
Great dinner!

Outstanding food and service ! A great night with Family. The staff was friendly and attentive and the atmosphere was great in this area of Rome, the Jewish Ghetto

Waxy N.
Excellent foo

This restaurant is a Jewish cuisine restaurant in the Jewish ghetto. One can only eat so much pasta so when we visited we tried the chicken skewer. Excellent flavor. Very good service as well.

Kim M.

The food here was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! They had such a variety of dishes, and during our visit we were able to try many of them. You can’t go wrong with any of them! The pasta is all amazing. The meat lasagna was incredible. Their lamb dishes were remarkable, and service here is really top notch!

Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful experience!

Mark C.
Great food

I loved this place. 7 of us in party and we could all hear each other speak! Service smooth solicitous and informative. Loved the bread in the bag and the mixed starters. Superb schnitzel as well!
Israeli wine quite pricey but very good
Really impressed. In the ghetto area so atmospheric too!

Melstein C.

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